5 Surprising Benefits of Facial Waxing

Ok Bozeman people, it’s the holidays which means parties, more parties and a lot of photos! That also means it’s time to get your hair and skin ready and our experts at Mia Bella Salon know a lot about both.

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Top 5 Hair Color Trends for Fall 2019

Fall is here, well, it seems we skipped fall and went straight to winter in Bozeman! As the seasons change, wardrobes change, you might be feeling the urge to change your look too. Some clients like to make subtle changes when crossing over to a new season while others like to be bold.

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summer blonde

Mia Bella Salon: Summer Hair Q&A!

It’s been hot in Bozeman this summer and our stylists at Mia Bella Salon want to make sure you’re protecting your hair while staying stylish and having fun! Here are a few tips and tricks from hot summer looks, to the best way to protect your hair color, as summer starts to wind down and we head into those warm fall months.

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