One Hot 2021 Trend? Hair Perms for Men!

Yes, cool guys are hitting up our local Bozeman hair salon for perms. Men’s perms look amazing on all lengths of hair and a great option for men looking to switch things up with a more textured style.

What is a Men’s Hair Perm?

While not much different from the perms women get, it’s a chemical process that changes straight hair to wavy and/ or curly hair, adding fullness and style to your look. A popular style right now is guys with curls on top and the sides kept short.

If you’re considering a perm, make sure you also know how to care for your new curls.  Protect your hair from the sun use a deep conditioner to keep curls moisturized.

Thinking about a new style or simply want to maintain your look? Consult with any of our stylists at Mia Bella Salon. Open six days a week, Mia Bella Salon is a top-rated salon in Bozeman, Montana, located in the Bridger Peaks Shopping Plaza. Appointments available by scheduling online or calling: 406-570-7071.

perm for men
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