2020’s Most Popular Hairstyle…

2020 has been a year like no other. We all experimented with different looks (and some of us even had to DIY while the salons were closed!) but there was one style that remained a real head-turner… The messy bob. Yes, the sleek, neck-length style is classic and versatile but adding a curl to get the messy bob look gave it a twist making it one of the most popular hair trends in 2020.  

We’ve had a lot of clients requesting this style because it’s simple, easy to maintain and fun. The bob style with natural texture, relaxed hair, tousled curls is definitely popular. Having that texture is really important because it gives you that volume and pliability that holds your look’, says Jordan Solvie, Mia Bella Salon Owner and Stylist.

Messy bobs are easy to style. Start with a flattering bob haircut (think blunt with texturized ends, done carefully so it’s not too heavy) and some good texturizing-boosting products. The messier the better- this look can happen in minutes! Add a curl, shake out your hair or comb your fingers through it and you have a look that will last all day.

If you’re considering a new style or want to try this fun look, consult with any of our stylists at Mia Bella Salon. Open six days a week, Mia Bella Salon is a top-rated salon in Bozeman, Montana, located in the Bridger Peaks Shopping Plaza. Appointments available by scheduling online or calling: 406-570-7071.

messy bob
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