Summer Hair: Does The Sun Brighten Your Hair?

You might notice your hair starts to get lighter in the summer. Thanks to sun, which acts like a bleaching agent, you can have naturally brighter hair. If you’re not able to be out in the sun and work on your natural blonde look as much as you’d like, the phrase, ‘sun-kissed’ hair is also popular way to describe to your stylist what hair color you’re looking for, one or two shades lighter than your natural color.

While blonde balayage is the most popular blonde color this summer, blondes have more color options than ever before. With varying techniques to frame your face and endless color options, your blonde look can range from baby blonde, ash blonde, bright blonde, beachy summer colors or keep it cool with a beautiful ice blonde.

Our stylists at Mia Bella Salon can help you find the right color for you this summer! Consult with our stylists by scheduling an appointment online or calling: 406-570-7071.

summer blonde
summer blonde
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