Men: How To Choose A Hairstyle That’s Right For You

Choosing the right haircut is much more difficult than sitting down and telling your stylist, ‘I like to keep it short’, a common phrase heard from clients.

Our salon stylists say there are three main factors to consider for men’s haircuts: length, maintenance and shape. Salon stylists are specifically trained in fuller hairstyles for men with a focus on how a great cut can enhance your facial features, giving you your best look.

You also want to consider look that fits your lifestyle. Do you prefer low maintenance style with a straight-forward look or do you spend time styling your hair?

Salon stylists also know all the latest men’s haircut trends from a low, mid and high fade, bald fade, undercut, quiff haircut, classic looks to mohawks and everything in-between. Matching the look you want with your shape to compliment your facial features.

Lastly, don’t forget about color. With a range of color ideas, our stylists can help you achieve a thicker, fuller look, subtly hide grays to seamlessly blend in to your natural hair color or even give a pop of color.

Men’s haircuts at Mia Bella Salon include a relaxing shampoo, haircut and beard trim. Conveniently located in the Bridger Peaks Shopping Center, our stylists will make sure you look your best.

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men's haircut
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men's haircut
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