Pro-Tip: Mini Foils Are Budget-Friendly and Low Maintenance

As Bozeman continues to open in phases, we know it’s maybe been a bit too long since you’ve seen your stylist for your color and cut. Pro-tip from salon owner, Jordan Solvie, is that a ‘mini-foil’ in between appointments is a great way to refresh the most noticed areas.

It brightens color around the face, giving a more shadow root in the back, similar to a balayage look, in the shortest possible time. And there are a variety of color options’, says Solvie.

Low-cost and low-maintenance, a ‘mini-foil’ is approximately 10 foils, mostly around your face blending highlights with base color. Starting at $55, a mini-foil can help extend the time in-between full foils requiring less time but still achieving a fresh, beautiful look.

Consult with one of our Mia Bella Salon stylists about a mini-foil and your next look. With summer around the corner, our stylists can help you find the blend of colors that mixes with your base color, cut and style.

Please call 406-570-7071 or schedule online at:

mini foil before
mini foil
mini foil after
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