Home Hair Advice: What To Do (and what not to do) While Salons Are Closed

Salons have been closed for weeks and while you’re doing your part to social distance, staying home and limiting your outings, you see your hair getting longer, color is fading and your missing your stylist.

It’s tempting to watch those ‘Do It Yourself’ YouTube videos. Keep in mind, some of those at-home DIY kits can give an undesired look, causing more harm than good. What cost you $15 at the store can cost more than 10x that to correct at the salon.

Our advice: let it be for as long as you can. This is temporary. It will be easier on your wallet and your stylist. If you must do something with your hair until salons reopen, try a few different hair styles to disguise color grow out.

Here are a few style suggestions:

  • Wavy Side Part: A simple way to hide some grow out in your roots is with a volumized, wavy side-part. If you have volumizing product, add directly to the roots and blow dry your hair to one side. Once hair is dry, flip hair the opposite direction giving your hair wavy volume.
  • Loose Knot Braid: A loose braid can camouflage the color difference. Texturize your hair with product before braiding to give the messy but textured lift.
  • Messy Bun Draw the attention to your bun instead of color changes by a strategically placed bun. Pull hair back and place bun, high or low.

Thank you for being patience through these uncertain times. We are looking forward to getting back to work and seeing our clients. Stay well!


The Mia Bella Stylist Team

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