Long Hair or Short? Before & After: 5 Inches Cut!

You’ve been growing out your hair. It’s getting heavy. You want a new look, something stylish and fresh. You go back and forth with the idea of cutting it asking in yourself, ‘Should I do a trim or go shorter and chop some length’? Spring is around the corner. You think about calling your stylist.

It’s fun to look at new styles, see what’s trending. But are you really ready to cut some length?

With warmer weather in sight, here are a few benefits of having shorter hair to consider:

  • You’ll use less product. Shorter hair means using less shampoo and conditioner which is a nice benefit especially if you invest in higher-end products.
  • Quick to style: short hair usually takes less time to blow dry and style than longer hair. Saving time in your day is always a good thing.
  • Healthy hair: cutting your long locks means no more damaged ends, leaving your hair lighter and healthier.

Not ready? Good news! There’s an in-between: Short hair means something different to everyone. One client recently cut five (5) inches from her hair leaving her hair healthier but still mid-length. Not too long, not too short. Long enough to pull back into a pony-tail but not too long and drabby. A stylish mid-length allows for the best of both the long and short hair worlds. Easy to curl, straighten and maintain requiring less maintenance than a shorter, above the shoulders cut.

A mid-length cut also feels like a happy compromise when you’re not sure about taking the plunge to short, short hair but still want a new cut.

Any of our Mia Bella Salon stylists would be happy to consult with you on your new look or help you brainstorm new ideas.

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