5 Surprising Benefits of Facial Waxing

Ok Bozeman people, it’s the holidays which means parties, more parties and a lot of photos! That also means it’s time to get your hair and skin ready and our experts at Mia Bella Salon know a lot about both. If you haven’t tried facial waxing before, consider it this holiday season. There are many hidden benefits:​

  • It’s like a facial… only more affordable: Waxing is great for exfoliating dry dead skin cells – this is especially beneficial in the winter with the dry air outside and in Bozeman, we know how crisp and dry it can be. With average facial prices of over $100, full facial waxing can be around one-third of a facial.

  • Get that flawless look: Full face waxing will make skin smoother and easier to apply makeup for a flawless look- no need for those photo filters on Instagram! Your face has tiny hairs all over it…removing them gives you a baby smooth skin.

  • Slow down the rate of hair growth: for many, after a few waxing sessions, hair grows back slower and thinner giving you longer results.

  • Precision: With waxing, you decide what areas you want to be waxed. Only want to wax your eyebrows and upper lip or cheeks and chin versus your full face? Your salon expert can focus on the facial areas you want.

  • Low Cost: When compared to laser hair removal, facial waxing is an easy, low cost, convenient way option to keep hair away.

Consider waxing as part of your beauty prep this season. Let our experts at Mia Bella Salon consult with you on all things beauty to ensure you look like your most fabulous self! Scheduling is available online or by calling: 406-570-7071. Happy Holidays!

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