Top summer hairstyles… Montana Style

Summer is officially here and it’s a great time to try something fresh.   Here are some suggestions to mix it up!

  1. Warm weather chop: Take off a few inches for a mid-length chop or up to chin length for a whole new style.  Advantages:  fun, edgy, less styling, stay cool, less tangling during activities like camping, biking, swimming. 

  2. Highlights: The easiest way to bring in the sunny weather is to lighten up your locks.  Adding partial highlights through the crown will amp up your look, or go for a full highlight to get the maximum effect when your hair is in a high pony tail or top knot.  Hello summer!

  3. Ombre: For a more dramatic and trendy look, go for lighter locks on the bottom half.  With weddings and so many events, it’s a perfect opportunity to try on something new and unique.   

  4. Bombshell extensions: Add length, volume, and so many styling opportunities!  Schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate.  Treat yourself to the dramatic length you have always wanted. 

  5. Dramatic color: Platinum or fiery red are bold choices to start your summer off.  Stand out in a crowd and put a little bounce in your step by trying something fierce. 

  6. Braids: From simple to romantic, braids go anywhere.  Weddings, trails, horseback riding, and concerts just to name a few.  Check out this 2 minute rope style braid for inspiration:  

Best advice, have fun and do not be afraid to try something new!  All of these styles and more are at your fingertips by scheduling an appointment or consultation now at 406-570-7071.

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